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Warriors Stories

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An Army Veteran’s Story – A point in the right direction

A 24-year-old, post 9/11, Army Veteran was transferred to Vets4Warriors from the Veterans Crisis Line.  The Veteran was very angry and vented to the peer about having trouble getting a mental health appointment from the VA in his area. The peer used active listening because the veteran needed to vent and then provided him with the contact information for the Cohen Veterans Network clinic in his area.  The veteran spoke about his PTSD and being unsure of the documents needed to fill out to support his claim and planned on doing it himself. The peer explained the process to him and then provided him with the document VA Form 21-4138 which is the statement in support of a claim, as well as VA Form 21-0781 which is the support of a PTSD claim. He thanked the peer for listening to him and for the resources he provided him.

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