We are anticipating higher than normal call volume over the next week as V4W is being featured on the PBS National Memorial Day Concert. While we have planned for this increase, there may be times when our staff is unable to answer your call as quickly as normal. Please remain on the line, or if you would prefer, Request A Call and a veteran peer will reach out to you ASAP.


Our Story
Celebrating 10 Years of Connection

Vets4Warriors launched in December 2011.  For 10 years we have been growing, expanding, and doing all that we can to ensure that every member of the military community knows that they are never alone.

So far, we have made more than 650,000 connections with individuals via phone, chat, and email to provide support before challenges turn into crises.  As active members of the community that we serve, we are humbled, honored, and proud to have earned recognition as the nation’s leading 24/7 military peer support program staffed by veterans.

Our Promise

Vets4Warriors, housed at the Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care National Call Center, is a one-of-a-kind, 24/7 peer support network.  We operate completely independent of the VA and the U.S. military.  We maintain this independence so callers can feel confident that everything they share with us when we connect will always remain 100% confidential.

Our program complements official government resources available to service members, veterans, family members and caregivers, but remains separate from them.  This allows us to ensure that every caller always has access to every available resource to meet their needs, whatever those needs may be. And we are constantly taking steps to expand our resource network as well so that we are always able to provide access to the most comprehensive options for care that we can.

We are committed to ensuring that every member of the military community in need of support always has direct and immediate access to a peer who understands what they are going through.

Whenever you are faced with a challenge, wherever you are in the world, we will always be there to answer your call. You are never alone.

Our Approach

Our goal is to prevent challenges from turning into crises by providing upstream support.  We believe that there is no physical, mental, or social challenge that we can’t help find a solution for.

We are a ‘concierge’ program, and we understand that everyone’s challenges are different, and that each situation is unique.  We understand there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.  Regardless of the complexity of the issue, or how long it takes, we will remain engaged until the challenge(s) has been resolved.

Who we serve

We are here to provide support to the entire military community. This includes every active-duty military service member, National Guard and Reserves service member, veterans of every generation, as well as their family members and caregivers.  We serve you all; from those who have just put on a uniform, to the caregivers of veteran who has long since hung theirs up.