We are anticipating higher than normal call volume over the next week as V4W is being featured on the PBS National Memorial Day Concert. While we have planned for this increase, there may be times when our staff is unable to answer your call as quickly as normal. Please remain on the line, or if you would prefer, Request A Call and a veteran peer will reach out to you ASAP.


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Army-Navy is more than a game

Vets4Warriors CEO Mark Graham, a retired Army major general, spoke with Military Times at the Army/Navy game about the work Vets4Warriors does to connect veterans and service members with the help they need, whether that’s counseling, suicide prevention, job networking or just someone to talk with.

“It doesn’t really matter which service they’re from, doesn’t matter which era. You served, I served, let’s talk,” Graham said.

Graham knows the need. He lost two sons, one to combat and another to suicide. Vets4Warriors’s mission is to ensure that no veteran or service member fights their struggle, whatever that is, alone.

“Don’t go through this alone,” Graham shared. “We’ll connect to organizations that can help you.”

Or, the retired two-star said, people can just call if they need another veteran to talk with. Though the organization does do repeated calls and follow ups with callers if they desire, many simply want someone to talk to and it may only call once.

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