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Vets4Warriors and VetTix,  both National Nonprofits, Announce Collaboration to Support All Eras and Branches of the Military Community by Highlighting Peer Support

 PHOENIX, AZ – Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix) and Vets4Warriors today announced a new strategic partnership to leverage both organizations’ resources to give current serving military, veterans, National Guard and Reservists, military families and caregivers access to reintegration opportunities and social support.

Vet Tix was founded in 2008 and has since distributed more than 3.5 million event tickets to major events to more than 600,000 registered military users. Events range from major sporting games to concerts of today’s top artists and even events in the creative arts. By providing military personnel and their loved ones with discounted tickets, VetTixers are given an opportunity to spend quality time with one another – something that is essential in the reintegration from military to civilian life.

Vets4Warriors holds a similar mission to serve the entirety of the military community, to include the caregivers who care for veterans. Vets4Warriors is the leading 24/7 peer support network for any service member, veteran, family member or caregiver who needs to talk to someone. Vets4Warriors’ peers are military veterans or family members who have been through similar situations and can provide callers with trusted solutions to physical, mental or social challenges, before those challenges turn into crises.

“A critical aspect to reintegration is positive peer support – Vet Tix and Vets4Warriors provide those opportunities every day,” said Mike Focareto, CEO of Vet Tix. “While we hope to give veterans and their loved ones a chance to experience memories with peers, we understand that after an event ends that ongoing support is necessary. We’re excited to partner with Vets4Warriors and offer the military community support beyond the events they attend.”

By connecting veterans in need with similar veteran peers, Vets4Warriors has been able to establish a network of contacts. Whether someone feels they are at a crisis point or simply needs to talk, Vets4Warriors is open to all callers and all situations.

“At Vets4Warriors we want to ensure that all veterans, service members, family members and caregivers can directly connect to a peer for support whenever they face a challenge, wherever they are in the world,” said Director of Vets4Warriors, Major General (Retired) Mark Graham. “We provide personal connections and peer support to the community to which we all belong, and Vet Tix is another great resource we can recommend for veterans looking for peer bonding.”

Vets4Warriors fills a critical gap between crisis hotline and the many charities offering direct assistance to veterans in need. To learn more, visit vets4warriors.com or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

To learn more about Vet Tix and how to get involved, visit the sign-up page.

Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix) is a national non-profit that supports the military community of currently serving the military, veterans and family members of those killed in action by providing free event tickets with a small transaction fee to attend sporting events, concerts, performing arts and family activities. Since 2008, Vet Tix has provided more than 3.2 million free event tickets to over 600,000 verified VetTixers, giving back to those who have given so much. Military members and veterans may experience various challenges as they reintegrate with their families, into their communities, and eventually into civilian life. Attending these types of community events improves morale and strengthens family bonds through shared interest and encourages service members and veterans to stay engaged with local communities and American life. Visit VetTix.org to learn more, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Vets4Warriors is a national nonprofit, based at Rutgers University, that provides a live, 24/7 peer support network that any veteran, service member, caregiver or family member can contact for confidential conversations and trusted solutions to physical, mental or social challenges, before those challenges turn into crises. Learn more at www.vets4warriors.com.