I am proud to announce the release of the new Vets4Warriors website on November 17, 2017 as part of our new brand rollout. Thanks to the assistance from Michelle Molin at Organic Communications, we have improved our overall look, branding and messaging to reach even more members of the military community. With improved branding and messaging, Vets4Warriors will present a clearer message to the world about our services that support the military community.

To build off of the brand rollout, we will continue to establish Vets4Warriors as the leading peer support network for any service member, veteran, family member or caregiver who needs to talk to an individual who can properly assist them with any questions they may have. Vets4Warriors will be able to reach more individuals in need and by modernizing our brand and awareness, we hope that no one will go unanswered when they need help.

At Vets4Warriors, our veteran peer staff members will be able to connect with other veterans, service members, caregivers and families in need. Peers can help to establish a sense of rapport and a common understanding because the Vets4Warriors peers are a part of the currently serving military and veteran community itself and have lived through similar situations as the callers. As Vets4Warriors spreads awareness and acquires callers, the organization will grow and adjust to fit the unique needs of its callers.

With the new marketing materials and updated messaging, Vets4Warriors will reach new people in need of its services, including potential donors and sponsors. This will expose Vets4Warriors as a leader in the military family community. Going forward, Vets4Warriors will continue to strategically partner with other organizations that align with our mission. We hope to encourage the general public to garner a better understanding of Vets4Warriors as well as the needs of the callers and the challenges they face.

Vets4Warriors serves anyone in the currently serving military and veteran community in the U.S. and overseas. To learn more about Vets4Warriors, please visit the Vets4Warriors website or call 855-838-8255.