Vets4Warriors Ambassador Program

Discover the Power of Connection

A network of individuals that understand and believe in the peer support work being done by the veterans trained in peer support at Vets4Warriors, located in the National Call Center at Rutgers University


To raise awareness and share information about Vets4Warriors to organizations, units and individuals. 

Vets4Warriors Mission

Our mission is to provide 24/7 confidential, stigma free peer support by veterans to Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve service members, Veterans, Retirees, and their families/caregivers. Share lived experiences always create an environment of trust that demonstrates you are never alone; there is a caring, empathic voice ready to connect and follow up.


  • Attend events and meetings (reasonable distance from your home or work).
  • Connect with military, veteran and civilian organizations and develop a relationship.
  • Provide materials at military installations and other locations frequented by veterans, service members and family members.
  • Social media.  Connect others to the various Vets4Warriors social media sites.
  • Speak at transition and newcomers briefings and other places to ensure everyone knows support is available 24/7.
  • Be creative and share ideas and best practices with other Vets4Warriors ambassadors during regularly scheduled telephonic or online video meetings.

Outcome:  An increase in awareness that will generate calls and contacts with Vets4Warriors peers which translates into more of America’s service men and women, veterans and family members receiving confidential, personalized peer support.

How to become a Vets4Warriors Ambassador

Contact us via the website or call 732-235-3355 and ask about the Ambassador program or fill out the PDF form and submit electronically. You may also fill-out and submit the Ambassador Program Volunteer Form online.


  • Meet all ‘remote-volunteer’ requirements of Rutgers University.
  • Have a connection to the military - whether you have served, are a family member, or have a passion for this mission/program.
  • Understand and agree with the ethical standards and culture of peer support.
  • Be willing to attend and speak at various forums on behalf of the peers who answer the phones and live chats.
  • Have the compassion and heart to support others, stigma free.
  • Proudly wear Vets4Warriors items to generate conversation and advertise the program (we will provide).
  • Participate in a monthly teleconference/webinar with other ambassadors and Vets4Warriors staff.
  • Participate in quarterly/semi-annual Ambassador training, updates or refreshers. (on line)
  • Provide a monthly report on the events or activities you attended/participated in, or individuals you meet with (a report format will be provided).
  • Develop an engagement plan with goals for your geographic area.  This will act as a roadmap for the time you are volunteering and will be useful to share good ideas.

To begin the process of becoming a Vets4Warriors Ambassador and helping others know more about this 24/7 personalized, confidential peer support program staffed by veterans please go to the next page, complete the form and click on submit.  We will then contact you for the next steps.

THANK YOU for your interest and passion to supporting our nations veterans, service members and families!!!!!!!!!!