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Ambassador Newsletter

Talking Points

These are the things we are talking about right now

V4W Ambassadors Newsletter

Issue #1: July 2021

As a V4W Ambassador, you are our highest-ranking representative out in the world and a most valued member of our community. This newsletter was created exclusively for you.

The items in this issue have all been selected based on what is most impacting our military community right now; that will help us create a stronger a connection with you, and that will help you create stronger, more genuine, and productive connections with your own growing local military community.

Here are some things to talk with them about

Top Reasons Vets are Calling

In the last 90 days, these are some of the top reasons people are calling Vets4Warriors.

As you connect with veterans, service members, family members and caregivers, you may come across people who have had had experiences that are causing them to struggle with some of the same issues.

Let them know they are not alone.

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Loneliness
  • Substance use
  • Relationship issues

Noteworthy Events in the News

Items in the news that impact veterans and the military can be triggering for many in our community. Being aware of the topics that are making headlines can help you better connect and be prepared to talk about how our peer support specialists can help. We are here 24/7 to provide assistance as people process these events and figure out how their lives may be directly impacted by them.


Legislation Introduced to Overhaul Military Handling of Sexual Misconduct

Lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday that would change the reporting process for sexual harassment and assault in the military and allow service members who are victims to seek monetary damages from the Defense Department.

Proposed True Cost of War Recognition Act to Grant Benefits for Illnesses Related to Burn Pits and Agent Orange

Nearly all veterans who served in overseas conflicts in the last 31 years would be granted presumptive benefits status for a host of respiratory illness and cancers under a sweeping proposal to be introduced by Senate leaders next week.

Behavioral Health Check-ups Could Soon be as Routine for Soldiers as Teeth Cleanings

At the most recent “Dragon’s Lair” competition one soldier suggested mandatory behavioral health checkups for troops that would occur every six months.

Need a Job? Post-COVID, VA Focused on Expanding Current Programs, not Creating New Ones

VA Secretary Denis McDonough said officials want to improve current offerings for post-pandemic employment help rather than try to launch new initiatives.

Service Members and Police are Teaming up to Stop Suicide

Operation Better Together, a new suicide prevention program, pairs police officers and service members for training.

Traumatized Veterans Heal Through the Power of Nature

Veterans take their own lives in extraordinary numbers. Despite rates declining among those that receive care, much work remains to be done.

For first time, some burn pit victims will get presumptive status for disability benefits

An estimated 3.5 million veterans suffered some burn pit exposure overseas during deployments in the last 20 years.

Upcoming Holidays, Observances & Events

Dates to keep in mind


7/4 Independence Day

7/25 Hire A Veteran Day

727 Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

7/28 Buffalo Soldiers Day

7/29 Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary


Antiterrorism Awareness Month

8/4 Coast Guard Day

8/6 Hiroshima Day

8/7 Purple Heart Day

8/10 Agent Orange Awareness Day

8/14 Navajo Code Talkers Day

8/16 National Airborne Day

8/19 National Aviation Day

8/29 Marine Corps Reserve Birthday


National Suicide Prevention Month

9/2 Victory over Japan (V-J) Day

9/6 Labor Day

9/11 Patriot Day

9/17 Constitution Day

9/17 POW/MIA Recognition Day

9/18 Air Force Birthday

9/18 Air National Guard Birthday

9/26 Gold Star Mother’s Day



Upcoming Events

August 5, 9am-5pm (EST)

Hiring Our Heroes Virtual Career Summit

Transitioning service members, military spouses and veterans can connect with American businesses hiring for both in-person and remote opportunities.

August 10 10am-1pm (EST)

Virtual National GROW

Organizations hiring for roles nationally.  Military spouses, military caregivers, veterans and transitioning service members are invited to this virtual hiring and networking event.

August 12, 1pm-3pm (EST)

Virtual Hiring Fair: Construction and Skilled Trades

Organizations hiring for construction and skilled trades and transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses and military caregivers are invited to this virtual hiring fair.

August 25, 4:30pm-5:30pm (EST)

Hiring Our Heroes #DiscoverTheTalent Virtual Orientation

Hiring Our Heroes has launched an exciting initiative, #DiscoverTheTalent, which engages employers to increase economic opportunity for the military spouse community.

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